Saturday, 20 July 2013

Upstream effort 2

After greg kh pointed out some really newbie mistakes, I redid the patches.

1 - messed up authorship. patches seemed as if I authored them.

Corrected with. git commit --author "orig author

2- code formatting issues were handled at the end by 3 patches.
totally non-standard practice. each patch has to have correct formatting.
redid the entire series.

Also, squashed some patches together.
Learned git rebase in the process which is really powerfulllllll.

I resubmitted the patch series

Feedback has been cool. Jonathan(King of IIO) pointed out that part of the patch series is a fix. The ones that fixed the first sample read issue by adding a timeout in sampling.

He wanted to separate the patch series into fix and feature..

I just did the fix part.

Now. The feature part is tricky. While working on continuous mode, I realized that its one big patch. Then a number of bug fixes. Whats the point. I did squash some bug fixes in the big patch. but left out some bug fixes too..
to maintain git history.

Jonathan  asked to squash the rest of the bug fixes in too.. Lars-Peter acked that as well.

It'll basically reduce the patch series to around 3 i think.
1 for tsc tweaks related to shared irq.
1 for mfd tweaks maybe.
1 big one for the adc driver.
n voila.

Jonathan also pointed out that the show mode and set mode are redundant as the buffer enabled bit can be used. wow. I was impressed. one look and he removed a bunch of code in the driver because it is there in the subsystem already. just check a boolean!!

he wanted some comments about irqs that i have to look into. i didnt know the answer directly lol.

this upstream thing is tricky stuff!

In any case, I have one ack which at least fixes the adc for one-shot mode in the mainline!
now for continuous mode.. I wanted to fix the triggers too. Lets see..


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