Wednesday, 3 July 2013

IIO Map for bone-helper

IIO has a map interface that was used by the bone-helper function.
This was added via a patch in the old patch series.

I didnt want to disturb people using the bone-helper function so I added the patch (after the required modifications) to my series as well.

the bone-helper now works great. Doesn't give erroneous values. And doesn't require multiple refreshes either.


  1. Hi Zubair

    I am pretty new to Linux and indeed to patches.
    Can you please help me how to use this patch and get my ADC up and running correctly


  2. Hi,

    Depends on what you have and what you want to do with the beaglebone. If you are going to be playing around with the kernel, then you need to start learning some basics about it.

    The linux kernel is maintained by the Linux foundation. uses that kernel(mainline) and patches it to create the kernel source code. This patched source code can be compiled with a cross-compiler and makes a uImage file which boots the beagle.
    Patches are basically small snippets of code modifications/deletions.

    Some of the patches relevant to the ADC are buggy in the uImage file that ships with the BBB. I am working on fixing them.

    If you simply need the ADC up and running using my set of current patches which applies the fixes to the ADC driver.

    git clone

    Then follow the instructions on

    and cross compile the kernel source..