Thursday, 4 July 2013

One-shot ADC reading in 3.11

I successfully reinvented the wheel :)

After realizing that IIO was disabled in Kconfig, it was easy once things started running somewhat. Previously it'll all be just blank!

Manually re-based the patches that I had done previously for 3.8.

I have one-shot ADC reading up and fixed for 3.11.

These patches can be upstreamed too! Especially the one that fixes the first sample read and the Ebusy signal bugs.

The iio-scale parameter requires a bit more refinement. At the moment, I have fixed the scale to 1800mV which is for BBB. Ideally this should be read from somewhere(perhaps a configured register..) or an input via sysfs..

I really need to get around configuring the resisters for the TSC test. Evtest works great. But I'll need switches and a few pots for a proper test bench..

Too pre-occupied with the MSc thesis during the day time.

Now for looking at how to update my github fork so that I can upload these patches and send a pull request to koen.. Have to send that pull request for the 3.8 ones too..


  1. What do you mean that they "can be upstreamed"? Are there existing submissions to one of the maintainer lists?

  2. I believe you are unaware of

    The Mfd-next tree has already received and accepted a large patchset by Sebastian. Some patches are the same as the ones we had in 3.8. But mostly different stuff. I still noticed the first sample read problem and the Ebusy signal problem when I load them only.

    I add some more patches on top of those patches. These fix the first sample read and ebusy bugs.