Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ring Buffer issues

Access to the ADC using the /dev/iio entries is supported on the kernel side by implementing buffers.. /dev/iio is basically used for continuous sampling.

One-shot sampling is implemented via the sysfs interfaces. One-shot is up and running. So now I turned my attention to continuous sampling.

TI has implemented it for 3.2 in the following commit.;a=commitdiff;h=b332370651a7d64d3c6ed8780d939fc18163e141;hp=09597d7a244a8e6f5ea79da3c5dced3a5ea620c4

I went through it manually and applied all the changes to my adc file.


I found out that it was a big time waste. The underlying buffer being used by the driver in the 3.2 based tree was implemented in ring_sw.c

This buffer was depreciated and none of the drivers use it any more!
The linux kernel has moved on to another kfifo based implementation or something.

This patch is might require some really nitty gritty work.. Or it might just be a few carefully chosen lines to replace..

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