Sunday, 14 July 2013

Continuous sampling mode for ADC driver for BBB. Kernel 3.10!


Finally got it to work!

That was a rather large pain. And I'm not sure how it will be received by the mainline folk either.

Basically the 3.2 based tree by TI had patched their am335x driver for continuous sampling. However, iio had changed quite a bit from 3.2 till 3.10.

Forward porting all changes meant going through everything and checking the latest stable drivers to see what the difference was. The differences were minor. But there nonetheless..

And this is a rather large changeset! I was concerned that the patch was becoming rather huge. But then. It is a rather large feature. So can't do this in small increments.

The first patch adds continuous sampling and some fixes to it all bundled together. The original author is Patil Rachna. I kept the bug fixes later on by Russ dill as separate patches.

Thank-fully the driver was there and I was only reworking it. Going through the TRM helped a bit in understanding the flow a bit. But I didn't have to make it from scratch which would have been an even bigger pain. Especially as the TRM can be very cryptic..

Patches available at

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