Sunday, 1 September 2013

Round 7! continuous mode

This is getting really tiring now.
Send patches. wait for feedback that messes with your head.
Do it all over again. No wonder the world works on automated test scripts etc.
my testing is slow i think. other than that. updates using git rebase are getting really good.

I didn't check the iio branch and found that it had gone ahead by dozens of commits..

had to check right after sending the mails for round 7 lol..

Anyways. hope they dont mind the spam. sent round 8 immediately with updates. thats why they use scripts. some of em probably check if remote branch has gone ahead or not..

Anyways. i think i missed the time window and the patches are going to be rebased and sent etc etc after 3.12..

Lets see what Jonathan has to say about them..

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