Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rework. Again.

This is getting quirky.


Feedback from IIO thankfully. Now I don't have to sit idle.

But I'm in new territory now.
basically IIO wanted me to implement a trigger based continuous sampling where the iio trigger occurred on every fifo threshold interrupt.
I implemented it.

But after seeing it. Now they want something else instead :)

And that is tricky and new territory.
Up till now. IIO relies on existing drivers as a template for people like me who have to write another driver.

However. there is no existing driver that I can use. Because the am335x has a hardware fifo. and IIO drivers for adc's are mostly for external adcs and one-shot. Even if continuous. They use external triggers for sampling. Kind of like a continuous one-shot.

But for the am335x. As an ADC i'd say its better! But doesn't fit existing IIO models. Especially the internal triggerless sampling based on the ADC clock and fifos.
One would think a fifo and adc sampling is simple. It is. But the firmware is a pain. And fitting it in the IIO model/ABI is even more of a pain.

IIO has support for this. But no existing driver that uses it.
I would look at existing drivers for help every time.
Now i have to look deeper inside the IIO core and get things to work..

Apart from the fact that there might be unknown issues in the core itself as its basically untested I guess..

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