Sunday, 18 August 2013

IIO list feedback Update + Short Hiatus

Feedback from the IIO lists has been great.


I use the IIO ABI in a slightly non-standard way to get things done.
The trigger in IIO is for triggering a single sample of data. I guess its for ADCs using the DRDY style signals etc. Thats not useful for me to to have continuous sampling.

I used trigger to start the trigger oscilloscope style. To trigger a large buffer of samples.

Jonathan actually suggested that such a feature could be great in the IIO core and was open to a proposal for it. Even gave a couple of paragraphs for the interface.

Given the nature of the am335x sampling and fifos, the IIO trigger model doesn't fit well to trigger every sample in continuous sampling mode.

Jonathan suggested to use internal triggers that occurred every time the FIFO thres handler is called. Just so that the driver fits IIO ABI a bit more/closer.

I don't see any problems with implementing the driver the way IIO wants.

But I'm taking a short break to finalize my MSc. thesis report this week.

GregKH is great and cool with it.

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